Price Book-Track Grocery Price (Price Compare& Shopping List)

•  Helpful shopping tool used to track item prices, compare and save your money.

•  All in one shopping tool which consisting Price Tracker, Price Checker, Price Compare Tool, Shopping List, Inventory List, Price Comparison Calculator & Discount Calculator.

•  Track Your Price, Save Your Money!

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Money Changer Calculator  (Oversea Travel & Shopping Tool)

•   Simple functional tool to help people, who are always feeling lost and confused when they are in front of the

    currency exchange board at the currency exchange office.

•   Act as your handy currency converter to figure out the cost of items in your home currency when you are traveling


•  Money Changer Calculator makes your journey easier !

FACED – Face Changes Tracker (Photo & Slideshow)

•  Track your face, see your changes!

•  This is a meaningful preview of your changes because life is moving so fast, we can’t catch the time, but we can

    keep the memories.

•  Track your face, see your changes!

Body Fit Progress Tracker - Photo & Measurements

•  Complete body tracker helps you to track your weight, body shape, important body measurements, body fat and

   muscle through photo, graph and input records

•  Body weight doesn’t tell the whole story but your body shape will tell you.

•  Track your body to stay fit!

Money Expense Manager (Spending & Saving Planner)

•  Money Expense Manager, Manage Your Money wisely !

•  Financial management tool to track your personal expense & Income, help you stick to your budget and motivate

   you for saving.

•  Start your financial management now, enjoy financial freedom earlier in your life time.

Travel Packing List & To Do List (Packing Helper)

•  Packing Like A Pro !

•  Specially designed to assist traveler to pack faster and better.

•  No more Forgotten Item, No more stressful journey !

Fitness Workout Timer – Your best workout companion

•  Workout for a better self!

•  Workout Timer is a complete Interval Timer for Tabata, HIIT, Boxing, Rope Skipping and others workout which designed to help all workout lover to having their workout more easily.

•  Multiple App Features Fits your needs.

Bills Guardian - Bill Keeper, Reminder & Tracker


•  Bills Guardian makes your Life easy !

•  Specially designed for those who need a digital manager to help them manage their bills orderly and also remind them to pay bills on time before bills is due.

•  No more late pay  bills!

A Speech & Presentation Timer Pro

•  Enjoy Your Show !

•   A complete timer for presentation, conference, speech, talk, show and others related activities.

•   Simple and Nice Design make your presentation comfortable, smooth and awesome.

Multi Kitchen & Cooking Timer (Chef’s Grill,Steam)

•  Simple yet functional timer perfect for chef, mother, bakery, cooking lovers or anyone of you who   need to prepare meals like grill chicken, grill steak, boil egg and others.

•  No more annoying over-boiled, over cook and scorched!

•  Let’s Cooking Like A Chef!

Mindition – Your Daily Guidance Of Life

•  Mindition, Enlighten your days!

•  Mindition is created to help anyone of you who are facing and stuck in a difficulties, problem or unfavorable situation.

•  Mindition would provide you the inspiration which might help you to find your light in your life. You will get some inspiration and advice and hopefully lead you to a more positive & happier life.

Bubble T T  - The Fastest Casual Game

•  Are you fast enough? Challenge your swiftness!

•  Make your own BubbleTT by dress it, decorate it, help it become powerful hero and show it to the eye of the world.

•  BubbleTT free features several addictive gameplay modes which will keep you coming back for even higher scores.

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Bubble TT Lite Pop Pop Fun

•  Pop! Pop! Pop! Enjoy the Pop Pop Fun!

•  A Casual Game Challenge Your Swiftness, fill up your free time.

BubbleTT : Oh! My Fart (The Funniest Casual Game)

•  The Funniest Casual Game. Fart is funny, let’s farting for fun!

•  How long can you farting? Challenge now, laugh out loudly and cheer up your day!

•  You got some warm gas inside the body and nowhere to let it out quietly without getting noticed.

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Flangry Fly Free(An Exciting Century War of Birds)

•  An Interesting Century War Between Birds.

•  Fla Bird, be Brave to overcome Fear and Obstacles! Fly as long as you can to achieve your dream!

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Flangry Jump Free (Exciting Century War of Birds)

•  Flangry Bird, be Brave to overcome Fear and Obstacles!

•  Jump as long as you can to earn money to achieve your travel dream!

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