General Questions

Why my app no sound?

I.   If you have checked that your phone sound setting is turn on and the app sound is turn on too, then please try to close the app fully and reopen it again.

II.  If the issues still exist after you have tried reopening, please check and make sure your phone is at not mute status which looks like picture below and then reopens the app.

Why my app didn’t upgrade to pro version or why my app still have advertisement after purchase pro version?

Please follow the guide below to make sure you have complete your purchase process.

Here are some guide for you about the IAP (In App Purchase of Pro Version) :

I. Please make sure you have completed the purchase process as you will see a popup indicate you have upgraded app to Pro Version successfully.

II. If the app didn’t upgrade to Pro Version, please close and reopen the app and check if Pro Version take effect. If still not, please re-purchase the IAP.

III. You won’t get charged twice as you are able to restore the IAP if the previous purchase is completed, else please complete the purchase as usual.

IV. You can go to Setting Page of App and checking the status of the app version. If your purchase is success, then “Pro Version” will be stated there (Look like the red frame area in the photo below).

Why my app crashed when open the app?

I. Please check and make sure your app have updated to latest app version, then reopen the app.

II. If app still crashed, please uninstall and reinstall again the app. (Please take notes that the data inside app can’t be restored after the app deleted, you can using export backup function (pro version) or using iTunes to backup your app data before delete app.)



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    if issue still persist after trying all the guide above, please email us  or  contact us through the feedback form in the app.