Money Expense Manager

Money Expense Manager is a simple to use and user friendly financial management tool to track your personal expense & Income, help you stick to your budget and motivate you for saving. This app is specially designed for those who need tracking their expense everyday, know their cash flow every month or who purposely would like to start saving.


Start your financial management now, enjoy financial freedom earlier in your life time. As you manage your money, you manage your life.


Money Expense Manager, Manage Your Money wisely!


This user friendly Money Expense Manager is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! It is available in English, 中文简体,中文繁體.

App  Features


• Easy view summary let you clearly know your Daily Income & Expense, Monthly Cash Flow, Monthly Budget Status and Your Current Saving Progress.

• Simple and user friendly Interface, let you catch up in minutes.

• Multiple Viewing Mode let you view your Cash Flow or Transaction by Expense, Income and Saving.

• Smart Sorting System let you view your every expense, Income & saving details for each month.

• Easy view Graph and beautiful interactive Chart let you know your cash flow easily.

• Smart Report let you view your cash flow according to your preferences such as monthly expenses by category, yearly expenses, yearly Income……(Pro Version Feature)

• Multiple default record category choices make you easy.

• Customize category option enable you to add any record category as you like. (Pro Version Feature)

• Provides currency setting enable you to set your preferable currency.

• Monthly Budget option let you set your budget to control you over spending.

• Saving Milestones function motivate you to start saving and achieve your each saving milestones consistently.

• Multi Account feature let you manage finance of multiple person like your partner or family members at once or it can be used to manage different purpose of expense like cash, credit card or bank. (Pro Version Feature)

• App Lock Protection with User function secure your privacy. (Pro Version Feature)

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