Money Changer Calculator

Money Changer Calculator is a simple functional tool to help people, who are always feeling lost and confused when they are in front of the currency exchange board at the currency exchange office. Besides, it can also act as your handy price converter to figure out the cost of items in your home currency when you are travelling oversea. Money Changer Calculator makes your journey easier!


If you are one of those who always feeling lost in front of the money changer board, with this tool you will not have to worry about it anymore. Just enter the needed info from what you see on the board and we’ll do the rest for you. Amazing?


You always will need to buy some things/services while travelling like buying souvenir, dining at a restaurant, transport, hotel and many others but you are not sure how much does it cost in your home currency. Thus, this price converter can help you to check and convert the prices in shops, restaurants……what you have to do are entering the item prices and currency exchange info. No more confusing calculation!


Enjoy your journey, cheers!

App  Features


• Friendly user interface lets you easy catch up.

• Simple and clean layout design interface to make you comfortable.

• Enter needed info > click calculate > done!

• Price Converter helps you convert items/service prices in foreign currency into your home currency.

• Sweet info provides you simple guidance in using the app.

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