Water & Poo Tracker : Color Changes Let You View At A Glance

The latest version of the app (1.3. 0) has been released. Update it now to enjoy the new features and better user experience.

App 最新版本 (1.3. 0) 已發布。 立即更新以享受新功能和更好的用戶體驗。

What’s new in this version?

  • Added – Support iOS 14
  • Added- Pro Version 2021
  • Added- Help
  • Pro 2021 – Status Bar


What else special?

Apart from these new added changes, do you realize that the color of the water droplet is displaying different blue colors?


The colors is changing when the water intake amount reach certain level. When the water intake below 30% of the water intake target, the water color in water droplet is light blue and sky blue will be shown when water intake increase more than 30% and below 60%.

當飲水量達到一定程度時,顏色會發生變化。 當飲水量低於目標飲水量的30%時,水滴中水的顏色會呈淡藍色,當飲水量到達30%以上至60%以下時,則會呈現天藍色。

Finally it will change to water blue color when the water intake is more than 60%.


water reminder & poo tracker


These color changes is designed to let users know their water intake level easily by just view at a glance.



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