A Must of Grocery Budget : Create A Grocery Price Book

Have you realized how often this scenarios happened to you?

You are buying your groceries at one of your frequent visit Grocery Store A. When you have done your shopping and there are still 2 items which are out of stock. So, you decided to stock up the items at another Store B. At Store B, you accidentally found that the Tuna Can price is cheaper $ 0.80 than Store you have bought just now. You feel a little bit upset when this situation happened more than few times. You might always think that you could actually save the price difference that you have paid more if you knew that this store was cheaper.

Scenario 1

You are shopping at a Farmacy Store A to stock up your daily use skincare products, suppliments, drinks powder…and there is a special deal for an item you always purchase at Store B, but you forgot how much you have spent to purchase the item last time & wondering is it a good deal to stock up the item.

Scenario 2

There is always some items are selling cheaper at Store A and some others items are selling lower price at Store B. So, you have recorded the item price in a book & bring it out every time you make the purchasing. Sometimes, you forgot to bring the book which make you feeling frustrated.

Scenario 3

In order to stick to your personal budget every month, spending on groceries could be a challenge. You may not have time to run for multiple stores to compare prices or to shop for getting the best price on everything on your shopping list.

There is no single store that has the best price on everything. Store A have the best price for certain items and Store B have the best deal for another items. The only way to get the best price on every item is to shop at multiple stores. 

So, how if there are several grocery store around your area? With so many choices, how can you possibly keep track of which store has the best price on every item you buy?

We believe many of you have faced this situations and scenarios. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to save you from this dilemma and it’s called Price Book.  A grocery Price Book is a savvy money saving tool for the shopper, but it can be time consuming if using notebook & pen to do it. Shopper need a price book which can maintained digitally and easily on a smart phone. So here come a digital Price Book App called Price Book – Track Your Grocery Price.

Step 1 : Download Price Book App in Apple Store

You can download the Price Book – Track Your Grocery Price in Apple App Store.

Step 2 : Set Up Your Most Common Buy Items

It takes a little works to set up, but once you’ve done it, everything are easy. You have prices for all the items you buy at your fingertips. This allows you to plan your shopping trips efficiently and  able to get best deals at each store. 

How to Input An Items?

You can Input item by using barcode or no barcode.

Barcode > Scan Item > Input Item’s Name , Details, Store & Price.

By using no barcode to input an item, the app will auto generate a barcode for you, you only need to enter item’s name, details & price. This is good to use for no barcode item like custom picked item in market. E.g Eggs, Apple, Fish…


Video 1: How to Add New Item

Step 3 : Track Item Price

It would be great you can spend a little time to input  the price of the item you just bought from grocery store or supermarket. 

By doing so, you can keeping track of the items that you regularly purchase and you’ll be able to figure out what are their lowest sale prices and where to purchase them for the best price.

How to input add a new price for an existing item?

  1. App Home Page > Barcode Scanner (Scan the Item) > Item Record Page > + Price Button > Add Price Page (Enter the item’s price)
  2. Item List Page > Select the Item you want to add price > Item Record Page > + Price Button > Add Price Page (Enter the item’s price)

Scan barcode > Found The Item > Add Price > DONE!!!  This is SUPER EASY, isn’t?  🙂

Step 4 : Shop With Price Book

Now, you can planning your shopping trip by adding the items into your shopping list in Price Book App. Yes, you are not heard wrong, there is Smart Shopping List in the Price Book App. 

You can adding all the item you would like to purchase into your shopping list, the app will auto filter the best price of the item and at which store. There are several ways of using this Shopping List according to your needs.

We will cover more about Shopping List and its multiple usage Topic in next post. 


Video 2: How to Add Item into Shopping List

Final words, Price Books can be a tremendous help in observing the price trends of an item. The most important thing for you to do is to just get one and use it! Spend a little time today, save tons of your time afterward. 


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